average manufacturing job pays 40% more than the typical Hoosier makes

Advanced Manufacturing in Indiana is responsible for all kinds of cool stuff – from electric cars to the latest military fighters to lifesaving medicines – and our logistics industry makes sure all of it gets where it needs to be on time.  But there’s a problem:  Indiana companies can’t find enough qualified workers for their high paying jobs.

That’s where Conexus Indiana and “Dream It. Do It.” come in. Conexus is a nonprofit initiative seeking to make the most out of the emerging opportunities in advanced manufacturing and logistics. “Dream it. Do It.” is our way of helping you explore Indiana jobs in advanced manufacturing and logistics and learn more about the one-year certificate and two-year associate degree training they require.  Click around our site to check out great careers at growing Indiana companies, and see how to get the training you need to get hired.

Did you know that you could get free college credit in industry-related classes while you're still in high school? The site is designed to give you the 411 on that and more. So what are you waiting for?  Start learning what’s new in advanced manufacturing and logistics -- right now!

For more information about Conexus Indiana, please visit our website at: Conexus Indiana


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